Zhongyi Mitakon 42.5mm f/1.2 (M4/3 Mount)


Código do Produto: E0WVZDQ66D

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Portrait-length 42.5mm prime is compatible with mirrorless Micro Four Thirds digital cameras where it will provide an 85mm equivalent focal length.

Fast f/1.2 maximum aperture benefits working in difficult lighting conditions and also enables extensive control over your focus position to benefit the use of selective focus and shallow depth of field techniques.

A nine-elements-in-seven-groups design helps to maintain overall image clarity, color accuracy, and sharpness throughout the aperture range.

Manual focus design pairs with printed distance and depth of field scales for greater focusing precision as close as 1.5' away.

A 9-blade diaphragm contributes a pleasing out-of-focus quality when working with selective focus techniques.

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